The Small Business Blog Round Up

As a business owner, we know you’re constantly looking for new ways to grow your business. 

From Podcasts, to Youtube Videos, to blogs, there is an abundance of amazing free content out there to help you grow and learn. 


And of course we think that our content is some of the best there is. Everyday we’re talking to business owners, like you, and helping them grow their business. 


Here are our 5 favorite blog posts that we’ve written on improving the finances in your business.

#5) Coach vs. Bookkeeper

Financial Coach vs Bookkeeper

Starting our list at number five is our post about the difference between coaches, bookkeepers, and accountants. 


It’s not uncommon for a business owner to contact us and ask, “What exactly do you do?” 


And we totally get it! If you’re not in the financial world, you probably don’t know the unique rolls each one takes. 


Too often business owners hire the wrong professional and end up frustrated that their problem didn’t get solved. That’s why this blog is a must read- it will clear out any confusion you might have about these roles. 

#4) How to Easily Cut Expenses

Craig Dacy Coach

Have you ever wondered, “Am I spending too much?” or “Am I spending my money on the right things?”


We get it. There are hundreds of softwares and programs that promise to make your life easier and make you money. Then, you get too busy to evaluate whether it actually IS making you money.  


That’s why we recommend doing an expense audit regularly. 


Look, before you yell “nerd!” and skip ahead, click on this blog post. It will teach you an incredibly simple way to look at your expenses and save yourself lots of money (and there’s nothing nerdy about that). 

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#3) 3 Tips for Pricing Your Service

Profit First Coach

When you have a service based business, pricing your services can sometimes feel… awkward. 


How much should you charge? Should you charge by the hour? How do you raise your prices?


These questions can often leave business owners in analysis paralysis. And worse- leaves them stuck in the “time for money” trap. 


This blog gives you 3 tips that will help you make more money from your services. 

#2) 3 Money Mistakes Every Business Owner Makes

Have you ever made a stupid mistake with money? I sure have. 


I think as business owners, it’s inevitable. We are going to make mistakes that cost us money. 


However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting when it happens. They always leave me saying “I wish someone could have warned me.”


So what if we can warn you about some common money mistakes we see? We’re working with business owners every day and know all too well the most costly (and common) mistakes. 


This blog outlines 3 mistakes that you are probably making (or will make) and how to fix them. 

#1) 3 Problems Every Biz Owner Faces

There are 3 problems that almost every business owner faces. And if they’re not resolved, they can lead to loss of money, burn out, and possibly closing the business. 

That’s why this blog post comes in as our #1 must read blog post. Not only does it outline those 3 problems, but it also gives you clear and actionable solutions you can take to fix them. 


This post might save your business. 

Owning a business is hard enough. You shouldn’t need an accounting degree to manage the finances. 


We specialize in helping business owners, like you, make managing business finances simple. Click here to book a free call with one of our coaches. 

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