I'm Craig Dacy and this is why I started Financial Coaching...

I’ve been where you are. I’ve struggled with business budgeting. 

I’ve spent sleepless nights doing financial gymnastics in my head, trying to make the numbers work. 

I’ve worked long hours just to “reinvest” my paycheck back into the business. 

And I understand how frustrating it is to bust your butt for your business and feel underpaid. 

Let’s face it; you likely don’t have a degree in accounting, and you likely have no idea how to read a cash flow statement. And here’s the thing… you shouldn’t have to. 

You started your business because you’re amazing at your craft. You started your business because you wanted control of your time and money. 

How do I know? That’s exactly why I started my business. 

Before teaching business owners money management, I was a 4th-grade teacher. I was stressed, underpaid, and had no control over my schedule. Something needed to change. 

With big dreams, I left teaching to launch my coaching business. It didn’t take long to realize I was working longer hours and making less than I was as a teacher (ouch). 

After working with other small business owners, I realized we all had this in common. Why do most business owners say their business feels like just another J-O-B?

Here’s the secret: managing money is more about your behavior, not the numbers.

You just need a simple system that uses the habits you already have. One that is built around your goals and priorities. 

Since putting this system in place in my business, the results have been life-changing. And I want the same thing for you.

I want you to consistently take home bigger paychecks. 

I want your profit to pay you quarterly bonuses. 

I want you to have perfect clarity with your finances. 

And I don’t want you to stress about money anymore.

And that’s exactly what I help business owners, like you, do every day. 

Business finances shouldn’t be complicated. It shouldn’t involve sleepless nights and “financial gymnastics”. 

Managing cash flow can be as simple as 4th-grade math.

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