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Never worry about your business' finances again.

A 6 Week Coaching Program Starting June 13th

Does This Sound Familiar?

You're sick of feeling stuck in the feast or famine cycle with your business.

You’re constantly looking for ways to increase revenue just so you can survive the month, only to wonder where the money went. Then the cycle repeats.

I get it. It IS exhausting. And the truth is, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. You should be able to focus on the growth of your company without worrying about what’s in your bank account.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

Imagine looking at your bank account without your pulse rising. What would it feel like to pay yourself what you deserve on a consistent basis?

The Profit Bootcamp gives you the system you need to win with your money.

Our weekly live coaching calls will give you hope and clarity, while our library of online resources will equip you with the tools and systems needed to make money management painless. 

Whether you want a better work/life balance, to pay yourself what you deserve, or to stop stressing about making payroll, The Profit Bootcamp is guaranteed to get you results faster

Here's everything you get...

Weekly Coaching Call

Get REAL advice from a seasoned profit advisor. These group calls will cover practical tasks for you to tackle each week in order to reach ultimate profitability, faster. 

Custom Progress Board

Let's face it- change is hard. That's why we equip you with a customized Trello board. You'll have a pulse on where you stand and where you're going at all times.

Online Training and Resources

Learn everything you need to know about implementing Profit First in your business. I'll equip you with all the documents and training you need to fully engage in this system. 


Planning is the easy part! Actually following through... well, that's where we come in! We'll help you hit your goals so this doesn't become one of those "fads."

Easy to Follow Roadmap  

What if reaching financial freedom was as simple as following a recipe? The Profit Bootcamp will give you a personalized financial game plan for your specific business.

Bonus Materials

Get access to bonus content on topics like marketing/sales, income targeting, and improving personal finances (plus much more)!

It's time to pay yourself what you're worth.

The Profit Bootcamp will show you how!

Kicks off Monday, June 13th

Webinar Price: $997 $697

Prices go up by $100 at 11:59pm CT


Our Customers Love Us

Hey, I'm Craig!

... and I understand how frustrating it is to bust your butt for your business and feel underpaid. Making money as a business owner shouldn't be that difficult, right? 

Here's a secret- managing money is more about your behavior, not the numbers. You just need a simple system that uses the habits you already have. 

I want you to consistently take home bigger paychecks. 

I want your profit to pay you quarterly bonuses. 

I want your business to grow in a financially healthy way. 

And I don’t want you to stress about money anymore.

This bootcamp will help you do all of that.

You might be wondering, "Can my business really afford to pay me a quarterly bonus?" Yes, it can. And a business that focuses on profit increases the value of the company, helps it grow, and puts more cash in the owner's pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I’m so far behind in my finances it’s embarrassing… will the Profit Bootcamp be right for me?  

Absolutely! I’m a firm believer that there is no situation you can’t work yourself out of. Even if you've never looked at the books, the Profit Bootcamp will help change that. If you’re feeling overwhelmed financially, this is the PERFECT time to join. Don't wait until things are "ready" to make a change.  

2. I've already read the book "Profit First". What can the Profit Bootcamp do for me?  

If you're like me, reading a book and implementing a system are two different things. In fact, many people who join the Profit Bootcamp know the Profit First system. The problem is they have struggled to put it in place. And that's okay! It's like trying to lose weight- we know that exercise and eating well are the secret, but most of us need the gym membership or personal trainer in order to follow through. Consider us the personal trainer for your profits.

3. What do we get?  

Bootcamp members will walk away with a simple and customized system for their money. How much should you pay yourself? How can you cash flow the down months while still investing in the growth of your business? Gain perfect clarity on your finances so you can truly focus on the more important things. 

4. Can I get one-on-one support for my finances?  

Absolutely. Every business is different, so we make sure to help you tweak the system to fit your business.

You can ask your specific questions during our weekly group calls, or with your unlimited email access. When the bootcamp ends, you'll have an opportunity to sign up for one-on-one coaching with me.

5. Why should I become a member right now instead of waiting?  

To put it simply, it’s time to take action. If you’re tired of the feast or famine cycle and want to feel like you’re thriving financially, then you need to make a change.

Every day we don’t take action is money lost. If you really want to make a change, the time is now.  

6. What if I decide I’m not happy with the Profit Bootcamp?  

I’m confident that you’ll LOVE The Profit Bootcamp! However, if you are attending our weekly calls and engaging in the program and still aren't happy, we'll give you a full refund.

7. How many hours do I need to put into this each week?  

This is completely up to you. Our weekly calls will last about an hour and you will have a few action items to complete during the week. I'd plan to dedicate 2-3 hours per week to focus on this.

8. What is the Profit Bootcamp going to tell me that I don’t already know?  

Honestly? A lot.  

I live and breathe business finance (I mean, it’s my job), and there’s still SO MUCH that I'm learning every day. I am willing to bet there’s a lot for you to learn inside the bootcamp.  

But let’s say you DO know everything there is to know about achieving financial freedom. Knowledge is only part of the equation, and you're here for a reason. The accountability found in our community yields the biggest results. Members that are engaged with each other and the coaches are successful. Period.

9. My finances are tight. Why should I spend money to learn about managing money?  

The better question- how much money are you losing by not making a change? The Profit Bootcamp is an investment in yourself and your business. The average member sees a profit increase of 3-4% in the first 6 weeks.

Plain and simple, you’re on this page for a reason. Maybe you feel underpaid and burnt out. Maybe you're sick of working long hours for little pay. Or maybe you feel like you make too much money for your business to be struggling like it is.

Whatever the reason is, it's time to try something new. I’m confident that The Profit Bootcamp is going to be a turning point for you and your business.

Hurry! Prices go up at midnight!

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