Your Business CAN Pay You More!

A 6-Week Bootcamp To Help Simplify Your Money So You Can Make More of It.

"I'm sick of feeling like I never have money."

Running a business is hard enough. Adding in the constant ebb and flow of cash can leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

You’re constantly looking for ways to increase revenue just so you can survive the month, only to wonder where the money went. Then the cycle repeats.

I get it. It IS exhausting. And the truth is, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

You should be able to focus on the growth of your company without worrying about what’s in your bank account. You need a partner you can trust who is solely focused on increasing your company’s profit.

Sound familiar?

Meet Craig.

I understand how frustrating it is to bust your butt for your business and feel underpaid. Making money as a business owner shouldn't be that difficult, right?

Here's a secret- managing money is more about your behavior, not the numbers. You just need a simple system that uses the habits you already have.

I want you to consistently take home bigger paychecks.

I want your profit to pay you quarterly bonuses.

I want your business to grow in a financially healthy way.

And I don’t want you to stress about money anymore.

This bootcamp will help you do all of that.

You might be wondering, "Can my business really afford to pay me a quarterly bonus?" Yes, it can. And a business that focuses on profit increases the value of the company, helps it grow, and puts more cash in the owner's pocket.

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What's Included in the Bootcamp:


Weekly Coaching Calls

Get REAL advice from a seasoned profit advisor. We'll cover practical tasks for you to tackle each week in order to reach ultimate profitability, faster. 



Planning is the easy part! Actually following through... well, that's where we come in! We'll make sure you hit your goals, and help you troubleshoot when life gets in the way. 

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Trainings and Resources

Learn everything you need to know about implementing Profit First in your business. I'll equip you with all the documents and training you need to fully engage in this system. 

Over the 6 Week Bootcamp, We'll Cover:

Week 1: How to Transform Your Business Into a Profit Machine!

Week 2: Setting Up Your Simple Money System

Week 3: Crafting Your Roadmap To Permanent Profitability

Week 4: Using Behavior to Make Money Management Easier Than Ever

Week 5: Profit! The Amazing Benefits of Putting Your Profit FIRST

Week 6: Creating a Business That Supports Your Lifestyle

Is the Profit First Bootcamp right for me?


Ready to pay yourself a steady paycheck, regardless of your fluctuating revenue? Is your business starting to feel like a J-O-B? This bootcamp is for you! 


Bootcamp members will walk away with a simple and customized system for the money. How much should you pay yourself? How can you cash flow the down months while still investing in the growth of your business? Gain perfect clarity on your finances so you can truly focus on the more important things.


Coursework and resources will be hosted on a private members board. Coaching calls will be held via Zoom. During the 60-90 minute deep dive, you'll have a chance to dig into your business, get specific and unique guidance and set up systems for easy money management. 


We'll meet once per week for 6 weeks.While attending live will provide you the greatest ROI, all sessions are recorded in case life gets in the way. 

The Bootcamp Runs January 19th- February 26th

Normal Price: $997

Launch Price $697

Early Bird Price: $597

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A Note From the Author of Profit First:

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