The Personal Finance Blog Round Up

As a company made up of coaches who have overcome our own financial struggles and are now taking what we’ve learned to help others with their money, we know first-hand how challenging managing your finances can be.


Maybe the people closest to you aren’t supportive of your goals. Or, maybe you’re having a hard time with the why’s and how’s of budgeting.


We’ve come across numerous reasons why people hit roadblocks on their financial wellness journeys.


The good news is you can read a million blogs and watch just as many videos on this very subject! The bad news is this often leaves people with conflicting information and potentially more confused than ever.


Well, today is your lucky day because we have gathered up 4 of our favorite blog posts, written by us (of course), that we are sure will help get your personal finance journey moving in the right direction.

#4) Financial Coach vs. Financial Advisor

Coming in at number 4 is our post about the difference between a financial coach vs. a financial advisor. The similarities and differences between the two can seem pretty fuzzy to some and we are here to clear the air.


Spoiler alert – they are not one in the same. Both are important and, here, we explain why that is and when it’s appropriate to hire each one.

#3) The 3 Paycheck Month is a Myth

3 Paycheck Month

If you’re like most Americans, you are paid bi-weekly.


And if you’re paid bi-weekly, you know how big of a headache it can be when it comes to budgeting. With pay dates changing every month, it’s hard to line your money up with the bills.


The silver lining is those 3 paycheck months. But are they really all they’re cracked up to be?


In this blog post we break that myth and help you figure out the best time to take that coveted 3rd paycheck. 

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#2) Building a Budget Buffer

Building a Budget Buffer

Next on our list is the tutorial we put together, walking you through ways to create a buffer in your budget.


We believe that having a cushion of a month’s worth of income backing you up each month gives a major boost to your financial independence. Check this post out to learn more!

#1) Why Most Budgets Fail

Number one on our lists holds this spot for good reason. 


Here, we discuss a roadblock that we’ve observed that derails so many people when it comes to their money management. 


We also go over 3 of the most important and beneficial steps you can take to make your financial journey nearly invincible. 



There you have it!  Our 3 favorite personal finance blogs.  Of course, we know that managing your finances goes far beyond reading a few (incredibly helpful) posts and we’re here to help! 


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