The First Step to Fixing Your Business

Waking up before 6:00am is unnatural.


I know there are tons of business gurus out there that preach otherwise. They speak about the value of starting your day early, working on yourself, and getting your best work done before the world wakes up.


And they’re probably right in a lot of ways. But have you ever woken up at 5:30am??


It’s the worst.


When I was a 4th grade teacher, I had to wake up every morning at 5:30. When the screech of my alarm would go off, my brain immediately started looking for ways that this was a mistake and I could go back to bed.


I loved the time I spent in the classroom, and most all my students. But toward the end of my teaching career, I wanted something different.


Worst of all, I started to feel trapped.


My schedule wasn’t my own.


From 7:00am-3:00pm, I was at the mercy of the school’s schedule.


My income wasn’t my own.


Pay raises are preset and non-negotiable. I could even look decades ahead to see what my income would be. It was bleak.


My impact wasn’t my own.


Everything I planned or crafted was scrutinized by students, parents, campus, school district, state… I had a lot of bosses.


Most importantly, I found myself counting down days to the weekend, or the next holiday or vacation. Basically I was counting my life away.


This is what led me to turning my world upside down. Leaving education and working for myself.


This is my “why.”


And honestly, I have to stop and remind myself of my why on a regular basis.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of our business. It’s so easy to one day look up and realize we’re still a slave to the 9-5, only we’ve become our own jerk boss. 


That’s why in my Profit Roadmap, the very first thing you should do is remind yourself of your why. 


You started a business for a reason, right? Did you want more time? Freedom to travel? More money? 


Take time to revisit (or create) this and write it down. 


This is foundational. This is your carrot. Your light at the end of the tunnel. Your why should guide every decision you make in business. 


It’s what makes the day-to-day worth it. It keeps you grounded and focused on crafting a business around you and your ideal lifestyle. 

My Profit Roadmap is a step-by-step guide to a business that pays you more. Grab your free copy of it here. 

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